Katharina kaesbach No. 1 Perfume Launch

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You get dressed. You have applied your make-up. You have done your hair. You selected your handbag, your shoes - depending on the weather also your jacket, or your coat, or your wrap. What’s missing? Well, yes, the perfume of course. Which one will it be today? A romantic one by Annick Goutal, a woody one by Shiseido, a leathery one by YSL,  an opulent one by Serge Lutens, a flowery vanilla one by Guerlain, the eternal one by Chanel, or something a bit foreign by Schiaparelli?

You hesitate. The bottles on your dresser are manifold but none of these scents are really you. You finally decide on Sacré by Caron because it used to be your mother’s favourite. Although it’s not really you. It neither expresses your feelings, nor your mood, nor compliment your dress. Meaning, you are not totally yourself. 

For years and years the array of bottles extended from my bathroom to my bedroom, without ever fulfilling my dream for perfection, wondering all the time if I would ever find the right fragrance. And I had another problem. Sometimes my sensitive skin and my sensitive nose reacted rather badly. In the end I gave up, no perfume for me. But a recurring thought was nagging. Couldn’t I just create my own perfume? It lay dormant inside myself, I carried it with me, I even smelled it. How do you describe what you have in mind? How do you find a perfumer - and a good one at that - who transforms your ideas into reality? Finally, two-and-a half years ago, my husband, my own private Sherlock Holmes, was „dispatched“ to Grasse in France, the world-wide perfume stronghold. Like everybody else he came across perfumeries which created on the spot perfumes for tourists, but when inquiring about 

a perfumer he, as an outsider, ran into closed walls. Until he detected a 

dwelling in a residential area which was actually a small hotel (with the best breakfast in the world). The proprietor knew of somebody in the inner circle of perfumers, a perfumer gave a name and a phone number of a lady perfumer, who was practically shocked to the bone when my husband quasi appeared on her doorstep. She agreed to see me, to listen to my vision, to put into scent my pictures, colours, sounds, descriptions, inspirations. 

My perfumer, a born Israeli, had this wonderful idea to put a note into a crevice in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Which she did. So my message and the recipe to my perfume will rest there for eternity.

A year of intensive work culminated finally in a fragrance which is just myself - and which I will share with you right now.