Katharina Kaesbach

In case you belong to the group of ladies who perceives a certain similarity nowadays in women’s looks, provoked by fast fashion brands - who neither care for quality nor identity - you are welcome to discover the world of Katharina Kaesbach. Because you are the woman who wants to be noticed, to be different and to be remembered as being yourself and most certainly you do not want to be a clone.

A designer and a brand totally different from the run-of-the-mill. A brand which cares for you as a human being first and foremost, a brand which emphasizes your personality and your body.

Katharina Kaesbach’s mission and philosophy embrace the inner worthiness of women, of real values  and uniqueness. With her creations she enhances your personality and makes you feel beautiful as only you can be. This is the daily challenge for Katharina Kaesbach.

Looking at her timeless designs you can very often find a note of another era, of faraway places.

Take the jacket designs for example: they are a revival of the clothing of the royal courts, while the rare couture pieces will make you feel like a princess or a first lady. In the basic line of the brand the cut makes all the difference in it’s simplicity and it’s comfort. You will look just stunning from morning to evening.

The choice of the colours recall the places where the designer grew up - from the distinguished english north to the light and warmth of the mediterranean south. Imagine a painting of a period you prefer - look beyond the golden frame into a world of red and black velvet, gold and pink silk: yes, it is art. It is another world. The world of Katharina Kaesbach. Your world.

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